Musings from a heart!

My soul longs for you
my body yearns to know you
My heart and spirit craves your presence

a photo of a rose
A Rose for you!

i know i am not alone
I feel your presence by my side
i feel your heart reaching out to mine
i feel your hands slightly caressing my face

i sense your happiness
i sense your tenderness
i sense your commitment towards me
i am lost but yet i am found
I see your face smiling at the thoughts of me
i see your heart frowns at the thought of conflicting with mine

i am in love with you, yet i cannot fully express my love to you
You are in love with me, but don’t you hold back
Confusion everywhere, myriads of thoughts confusing my spirits
yet i am calm because i know you won’t leave my side
yes i am calm, because i know i am special to you!!

 Yes, i look up only to my creator!!! – Written by MariaJob


  1. Nice piece of Love song Mj. Love for me is the music of the heart. More of these…..we need to bring back the true meaning of love into this world. This is one of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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