Esther 1:11-12 (How Far Will You Go)

How far will you go??


how far will

He wanted the nobles and all the other men to gaze on her beauty, for she was a very beautiful woman. But when they conveyed the king’s order to Queen Vashti, she refused to come. (Esther 1:11-12)

Read: Esther 1:1 – 3:15, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34, Psalm 35:17-28, Proverbs 21:19-20

Relate: There’s this show that caught my eye for a while called Orphan Black. It’s similar to and about on a par with Fringe and Dollhouse but since it deals with clones, one actress actually has to play a large and diverse role of characters. Being impressed with this, I happened to notice a recent interview this actress did where she complained about the sexism in the Hollywood industry. She raises some very real and legitimate points about the demands for beauty, the attire female characters must wear, etc She has joined her voice to others like Emma Thompson and Rose Byrne in saying…

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