Something Good outta Something bad!! #PositivityRocks

Have you ever set out to do something and it turned out to be a disaster, how did you feel? Bad, Angry, Pissed, Irritated? Well I have, and I learnt the hard way that worrying solves none of the problems or disasters. So I took this approach I want to share with you today, which you have most likely heard a thousand times, but somehow find it very difficult to practice. Here is my approach: when faced with a disastrous situation, take a step back:

  1. Take your situation to your creator in prayer and thanksgiving
  2. Be happy and thankful, life is too short to be depressed/worried about any situation – worry solves nothing, only worsens an already worse situation!!
  3. Write down your pros and cons
  4. Look at your reflection, what do you see?
  5. Draw from your inner your strength(We all got one) and take positive actions

Let me share a short story with you!!

I went to the hairdressing salon to make my favorite hair style, Fringe, unluckily for me the stylist totally messed up the hairstyle and I looked like a freaky Pinocchio wearing a wig. I definitely wasn’t looking #Blackorean (that’s what i like to call myself when told i look Chinese – Black Korean woman). I looked hideous!!

Maria Fringe Photo
This is what i should look like when its done!!
Maria looking hideous pic
This is what i looked like when she was done…Sighs

I know right, didn’t i see it when she was done? well it was late at night and there was no electricity!! So I stood in front of my mirror and looked at the disaster, I was thinking of a way to fix the problem, taking the hair out was not an option because I used the last money on me to make the hair, instead of buying foodstuff to feed myself for the entire new week. Sighsss!!

So i came up with these but i wasn't satisfied pic!!
So i came up with these but i wasn’t satisfied!!
my photo
Then this, which was so beautiful!! Yipee!!!

After some days of going about with my hideous hairstyle, I went into the office restroom one afternoon, looked into the mirror and came up again with this on the right!!! Loved it right away, so I updated my display pictures, and my girlfriends started commenting, ooooh!!! I like your hair style. Maria, where did you make it? What’s the name of the style? I felt blessed and i was happy I took a positive approach to fix the situation.

Rocking my hairstyle pic
Rocking my hairstyle
Rocking my hairstyle pic
Rocking my hairstyle
Rocking my hairstyle pic
Rocking my hairstyle

Moral of my story!!
 Do not let your head down when disasters happy in your life.
 No matter how hard it seems at the moment, understand something, brighter days lay ahead, always see the good part of events, people, things and appreciate them for what they are or what it presently is, while looking for ways to turn negativeness into positiveness. CIAO.


  1. I was just skimming through the post when i saw ‘this is what i looked like when she was done’ lol! you sure look like pokemon there! Then i went back and read the whole article.., its interesting to find people who can see bad situations for what it is ‘a medium to get something positive out of it’ Nice post! Great smile by the way.

    Thanks for following my blogs

    Liked by 1 person

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