Life is a Gift – Nourish it!!

I want to tell you about someone I met during my stay in Ghana, his name is Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli, he is a Salesian Priest and missionary, and he has been living and working in West Africa for over 20years. Two days ago, together in the provincial house, we celebrated his 25th year anniversary as a priest, in Twi language, they would say “eyen easy”, in Yoruba I would say, “ko easy” (English mixed with Yoruba I know*tongue out*). Simply put, it is not easy at all, at all, 25 years dedicated to serving children and youths at risk in West Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Eyen easy my people. I have known Fr Jorge for barely 3 months and I must say, he is so humble and simple, he is a true Salesian. Despite being the Provincial of Anglophone West Africa, you find him doing little things, at the table, he would serve, in the kitchen, he would do the dishes, you can’t even tell he is the Provincial. Today he is asking us to treat our lives like a gift that it is, Meet Fr Jorge;

Fr Jorge Pic
Fr Jorge Mario Crisafulli

My name is Jorge Mario Crisafulli and I am a Salesian Priest and missionary. I have been living and working 20 years in West Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. We work with children at risk, Ebola orphans, trafficked, street, and abused kids. I think life is a gift, a gift, and we have to live it fully, through service and delivery. How often do you seek your own happiness separated from others? Do not! The most profound and permanent happiness is found when we make others happy. That is another possible equation! Africa is exciting. True, it is a continent of contrasts: there is so much life and so much death, so much joy and so much pain, so much hope and so many challenges at the same time. I want to be like a sponge, able to absorb pain to transform it into love. I want to fight with all my might against the causes of injustice and suffering of so many children and young Africans. So I’m here to give my life, my time, and my talents. I have experienced the love of God in my life and I want this children to come to experience the same thing: that God, who has created us, loves and cares for us all. My happiness over the years has been to see a smile on the face of these children who arrive sad and hopeless our centers, returning home to feel loved and wanted. Hearing from our lips; “You are unique and you are important to me.”

Finally, an invitation to you my brothers and sisters, let us fight together to overcome the global indifference. A better and more united world is not an unattainable utopia, it is a more than likely possibility. Salesian Missions, are a living example of this. All together we can defeat poverty, its roots and consequences. Together we can. Let us kick forward together to score the most beautiful goal in history: making our world a home for all, a more just and united world.

All hands on Deck Pic
Let us join hands together to make the world a better place!!

Click here – Fr Jorge talks about his missionary vocation here!!


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