Ref – Ogun Sacked workers!! My thoughts on the matter!!!

I came across this news online saying Governor Ibikunle Amosun (for Ogun State), reportedly ordered the sacking of six officials of the State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and a secondary school teacher, over an examination question.

The Passage in the exam question the students were asked to summarize read thus:

“There is no arguing about the fact that the government is merely paying lip service to the development of education. It is true that a lot of money is being spent on the education sector but with little or no impact felt by the people, except where we want to deceive ourselves. Many schools run by the government, which were formerly known for academic excellence have suddenly lost their prestige and are living on past glories. No wonder, many parents and guardians are threateningly left with only one option, to withdraw their wards from these schools to other ones that are better managed. The evidences to show that the government is not doing enough to assist in the development of education are many. Even pupils in both primary and secondary schools can volunteer a good list on their fingertips. One of the numerous indications is the government’s inability to pay running cost to schools. The running cost is the token amount per pupil paid to school administrators to run the affairs of the school in a term. This has been neglected to pile up for several academic sessions. Another one is the regular poor conduct of terminal examinations. These examinations are not usually conducted as and when due. The government may have one excuse or the other, but real educationists know that appropriate timing is a strong factor in the process of Continuous Assessment (CA) of students. Thus, a situation, where for instance, the first term examination is shifted to second term is an outright departure from the norms and ethics of Continuous Assessment.”

Let's cultivate and promote healthy reading in schools!!
Let’s cultivate and promote healthy reading in schools!!

Errrrrrrrrrr, are you thinking what I am thinking?? Brain used to say that a lot to Pinky, in their cartoons. First of all, I don’t see any part of these passage mentioning Ogun State government in particular, and even if it does suggest so, sacking/dismissing/terminating their appointment over these is an outright embarrassment to all those involved.

Secondly, this is a wake up call to all State governments in Nigeria, this statement succinctly describes the state of our educational sector, parents now seek to rather send their wards to all sorts of private schools, some with half-baked teachers, and most with exorbitant school fees, the population of Nigerians studying outside our shores is over-whelming. Who wouldn’t?

Thirdly, is it too much for the Nigerian government to fix the educational sector? Is it too much to ask that the sector be revamped? This person has just pointed out our problems, and instead of seeing how the issues raised would be discussed and tackled, workers are being witch-hunted, over what??

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
– Nelson Mandela (I am beginning to wonder if those who followed the due process in this case are educated.)

Lastly, I thought our society is democratic? If it truly is, why is the government bothered about the person who wrote this passage?? I want to believe the State Governor has no hand in this matter, someone please tell him to speak up and out!! Are we anti-philosophers? Anti-development? Am I the only one bothered? If not, I want to hear your thoughts on this matter!!


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