Straight Outta Compton #StraightOuttaNaija

My Straight Outta Ijebu Photo
Straight Outta Ijebu

Hmmm….so the buzzword around is #straightouttasomewhere The movie Straight Outta Compton in Theaters August 14. I cant wait to see this one, who has seen the trailer? I did. I felt shivers running through my spine!! Anyway is there anyone else out there that is straight outta ijebu? Biko, hit me up o!! #ProudlyAfrica #ProudlyNaija #ProudlyYoruba and #ProudlyIjebu To get a poster like mine…visit Get your straight outta somewhere Poster and hashtag me on instagram, facebook and twitter using #mariaojobstraightouttasomewhere if your poster is as sexy as mine, and you come from somewhere, from a city/place/school you are proud of, a city that formed part of who you are today and you respect that!! Muah!! #ProudlyAfrica #ProudlyNaija #ProudlyYoruba and #ProudlyIjebu

Dre - I just need y'all to try to bear with me for a minute While I talk about the pages of my diary Listen up
I just need y’all to try to bear with me for a minute
While I talk about the pages of my diary
Listen up

Dr. Dre finally ends fans’ 16-year wait for a new album when he dropped his ‘Straight Outta Compton’ soundtrack, which consists of new music entirely produced by The Chronic mastermind. By the way, has anyone listened to the songs on the new Dr Dre album??

They are extremely dope. Rap never felt so greeeeeeeeeaat. OMG. I have always been a fan of Rap Music, i mean Pac songs are still my all time fav!! I don’t remember the last time i heard Rap music and i felt groovy, but this joint right here makes me feel like a freaking freestyle Rapper. Am here doing my freestyle dance……OMG, i don’t feel like going to make Pizza again o, Hunger go kpai us all for house tonight!!


  1. I am a carrot from the mushin part of Lagos State, i just realized that i can talk after i woke up as a result of the odour emanating from the mouth of the area boy that bought me, so whats d site again and hope Nigerians are not racists,

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  2. Well its a good thing that nigerians now have a medium with which they can show case where they came from but why do i feel like you are not really a fan of rap music as you claim,,,,,, great article and abeg go cook,,, water yam porridge( i blieve thats an ijebu delicacy)

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    1. Geee Castor, thanks, you mean “IKOKORE” abi? Hahahaha, well na multi-diverse neighborhood i dey that day and na Pizza dey trend that night!! But why would you feel am not a fan of rap music now…Lolz.

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      1. Cos you talked about 2pac lol! If you mention 5 other ‘not these century rappers’ rappers without google searching then i’ll offer an apology. If i was to eat anything from you it would be ikokore,,you can mix it with pizza if you like,,, we can call it ‘pizzakokore delicacy’


        1. Lol, yea right, Pizzakokore sounds nice. How about Dre ehn, , Biggie, currently Snoop Lion, Ice Cube, Lil Kim, Queen Latifat, Nas, Common, LL Cool J nko?, RunDMC, Mobb Deep, DMX, Outkast, Grandmaster Flash, u also know Eminem used to do backup singing for them Pac on stage, n then there was D12, Lil wayne isnt also a new rapper, came across him like 14years ago and tot dang, nice voice, dunno what e did to it now, there was also Nate dogg, Criss Cross, Warren G, The list is endless, some i no even remember their names again!


          1. Ehn ehn! Which site did you copy and paste this from? Oya,, no vex! Just dt most people like saying they love rap then they mention only 2pac cos obviously everybody knows everyone listened to 2pac’s rap songs even if you were irish…, Anyway its good!!!

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