Blue Ocean Strategy!!

I picked up something in Business School it’s called the “Blue Ocean Strategy”; It’s the ability to create an uncontested market place and make competition irrelevant. As a budding social scientist I believe this can be applied into our individual lives after all Darwin said nature is all about survival of the fittest! Evolution is unstoppable, but you might as well have a hand in what you evolve into. For those that want to work for people I would pick unemployment as an example; the norm is for individuals to go beg corporations for jobs and as we can see the probability of getting hired narrows down daily, but hold on a sec do you know corporations go after certain people to beg them to work for them i.e. CEO’s, consultants, subject matter specialist etc. Right now do you have a feeling you have failed because you have applied countless times without a single response, hold on mate! Why not create an uncontested market place for yourself, by developing your God giving potentials and talent, even successful comedians are hired by Corporations!

Do you have a business and you are struggling, or you want to go into business and you are scared? Why not try doing things differently!!! There were phones before Apple came out with the iPhone, and now they are the most valuable company on earth!! So my friend there’s nothing like the market is saturated!!!! I think there’s a word you want to hold on to “INNOVATION”! It’s either you invent a new product or invent a new way of doing things in your intended market, either way make sure as a business you don’t continue to rely on old processes, it will only give you old results!!

This is for my country Nigeria, ain’t we tired of all 53 years of been a country, and no one inventor to fix our electricity problems (the state of our infrastructures is appalling!), or among the League of Nations we are not even competitive in one area!! Haba!! It’s time for we the electorate to think, you know, we as a people can create relevance with our ideas and actions, also to be able to hold our politicians accountable before we can start growing as a nation, thereby leading to economical prosperity.

As a wise person once said “Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, is the definition of being crazy” – Unknown

I hope this inspires you today.

Written by Chika Abimbola Okoh on 28th November 2013

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