Tango with me!! #Tango

It’s a beautiful and cold night, my eyes are clear and the thought of sleeping is no way near. All i am thinking about is you and what went wrong along our journey together. Looking back, one could never have predicted that a storm like this would threaten what we have. The thought of not knowing what to do, where to go, what to say and what to think can easily make one go insane. Is it the plastic smile one wears or the incessant headaches? A friend of mine recently said, to be a happy fellow is not just about you loving yourself and doing things that make you happy, there’s always a thought that adds the extra blush to your smile.

Let us work together for the good of our souls, let’s put our heads together so as to find a way out. Two heads they say is better than one. One of my favourite sayings while growing up is this “it takes two to tango”. Thati mentioned once, that’s why when two dancers want to tango, one says to the other, “tango with me”.  So i am wondering, would you tango with me??

i miss you notes
i miss you notes

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