Thinking about you!!

I wake up in the morning to begin my day; I say a little prayer to thank my Lord for making it possible for me to see yet another day. I take a moment to think about the people in my life who make me smile and I say a little prayer for them too and ask my God to grant them their heart desires according to his will.
I go into the bathroom, take a gentlemanly poop, brush my teeth, and scrub my body. I get dressed, pick up my bag, plug in my earphones and leave the house for my office. About a stone throw from my office there’s a cool cafeteria, I go in there, sit, relax, and order a burritos with a warm cup of coffee. I get set to face the day’s work, I take a walk down to my office, settle in and……..*work, work, work* *whew* lunch time is here, I take a break, munch a little food, then back to work, by 4.45pm I begin to round up, close all opened browsers, log out and shut down the computer. I get on the road, I may stop or not stop at the mall, by now it’s almost 7.30pm, thank God, now am back home and I’m thinking of what to eat for supper, i get my supper figured out eventually, i log on to my computer, go online, take a shower, say my night prayer then lay on my bed. The one thing that baffles me all through this routine of mine is the fact that somewhere at the back of my mind and my thoughts, you are there lurking, teasing my thoughts and smiling at me because i have you in my small head, 24hours a day, 7days every week. Just “YOU” my dear!!
Share this story if you feel the same way about someone!!

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