Love yourself and your neighbor!!

Often times i find myself asking what does it mean to love one another, then i start pondering over the different meanings of love, then i find that no definition of love will ever be enough to truly tell us what love is, rather it can simply be seen in us, in each individual, our character, our personality reflects what we are filled with inside, are we filled with love or hate? What we feel inside radiates outwards, the way we feel inside shows whether we know love or not, the way we walk, talk, live and interact with one another. Some say that our capacity to love is embedded in the way we were brought up, our experiences in life and sufferings as well as our joys, they are right in one way, to give love is a choice we make personally, regardless of our age or our situation, it is not an easy task to decide to love the world and everyone around you with so many negative people all over.

Loving should be natural, we have to learn to love a little at first, then we practice every day to become perfect, and capable of loving all of God’s creation, if we can love a little bit at a time, then at long last we will come to love the world with so much passion just as Christ instructed. When we love, we are no longer slaves to evil, we become free like the birds in the sky.

“Love is shown in the statement of spinoza’s…. that truly loving God does not involve a demand for love in return. It is the attitude referred to by the artist Joseph Bender: “To produce art requires that the artist be able to love – that is to give without thought of being regarded.”  ”.
{Rollo Mary}
  “Love is madness of the heart.”
{Niyi Ogunsanya}


  1. My Favourite Quote!!
    “The thought of putting a smile on a person’s face or performing an action to make another smile be it through words, deeds or a smile of your own, all regardless of whether its your brother, neighbour or a stranger, is the greatest ‘GIFT of LOVE’ you can ever give.”
    {Mary Job}


  2. “Give me a theme,” the little poet cried,
    “And i will do my part.”
    “Tis not a theme you need,” the world replied,
    “Yon need a heart.”
    {R. W. Gilder}


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