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Two days ago, as i boarded a bus to my office in the morning, i was seated in front beside the driver, he had songs like whizkid, iyanya, and a whole bunch of other young artistes making waves playing on his stereo with the volume really high. Well the truth is i was feeling those songs and nodding my head because, i could relate to the songs even though some had meanings you don’t want to imagine. I then stopped for a moment to think…..back in the days, when you boarded a bus like this, the driver was either playing Wasiu Ayinde or Pasuma or Apala music. So i asked myself, what happened to that kind of music? Or rather what’s happening in the world now? I of course understand that the world keeps changing, but I also wonder whether we really need to change the way we view the things of the earth or stick to our old traditional ways of thinking.” My My, Times have really changed”. Meanwhile, the drama was different yesterday. The traffic light at Allen junction, in Ikeja was not working. The FRSC (Federal Road Safety Officials) Officials were doing their best to control the flow of traffic, and i could see they were doing a good job at that. But some pedestrians and motorists who were too busy focused on their destination perhaps, and not their environments were busy cursing and blaring their horns, because to them, the red light had come on and the FRSC Officials was oblivious to that fact, and was still controlling traffic against the traffic light. The pedestrians on the other hand, waiting to cross the road were looking at the traffic light too, and so when it turned red, they expected the cars to stop but noticed they were still being passed by the FRSC Officials, they were also angry and yelling at the officials trying to do their jobs. 
What they all failed to notice was that the traffic light was not working properly. It stayed permanently on red. All the while, i watched and took note of all these things while moving to my destination, i didn’t have to stop and watch. I feel it is extremely necessary for us to pay attention to our surroundings at every point in time. Let us not be distracted with the rush to get to our destination, or distracted with tweeting, facebooking and pinging while walking or driving in traffic, or simply absent minded, that we do not take a moment to appreciate and take notice of incidents in our surroundings. It is well with us all. Well i hope I don’t notice any drama today or i will be back to feed you all with it. Thank you for reading. I wish you a splendid weekend ahead.


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