Are your certificates and talents all you need in life??

I will like to start this morning by giving you an illustration. Have you gone to a store to buy a desktop computer in the past. After paying for it, you were given the monitor, the keyboard and the CPU. But unknown to you, the CPU was just a casing with some components in it, and the hard disk drive is not readily available for use being empty, until you have an operating system installed on it, it will be unusable. While the monitor and keyboard are essential parts of a computer set, you cannot maximize them unless your hard disk drive has a functional operating system running on it. In this case, the operating system is that thing that makes other accessories to function. In the same way in life, there are some things that you must have acquired, and you felt that they are enough to help you to fulfil the purpose and plan of God for your life. However, these things in themselves are not enough until some other things are acquired. Today, I want to show you these things that are not enough and also the things that make the things not enough to become enough.

  1. Things that are not enough
  2. Certificate(s) 2. Talent 3. Gifts 4. Desires 5. Vision 6. Salvation 7. Calling 8. Prayer & Fasting 9. Abilities 10. Availability
  3. Things that make (A) above enough
  4. Training 2. Skill 3. Drive 4. Strategies 5. Critical relationships 6. Relevant education & learning 7. Capacity 8. Courage 9. Consistency 10. Persistence 11. Wisdom 12. Character 13. Coaching 14. Long suffering 15. Endurance

Do not just settle for the things that are not enough in themselves which are the basis of the Christian life that we are all expected to possess. Out of these must grow other essentials, strive to add them to your life and it shall be well with you in Jesus’ name.

Prayer: I receive the grace to recognize those things that I need to complement the essential possessions of my life to be complete in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2 PETER 1:1-1

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