#Naija Police at it Again!!

After i closed from work today i didn’t want to go home, so i decided to go window shopping at the Ikeja city mall, as usual i called a couple of my friends checking to see who would want to window shop with me, but they were all not available, except for my very awesome friend and sweetheart Femi, (CEO)Image Genius, his Coy makes branded items, excellent works. Image Genius Creations

I started at the sports shop, i was looking for a one piece bikini, luckily i didn’t see any that caught my fancy enough, because the whole idea behind the outing was window shopping! I walked down the hall a little and in front of Mr. Price, there was loud musiQ, i wondered what publicity stunt was happening there, but then i saw a male and a female adult engaging in an obscene and freakish dance move, right there inside the shopping mall. (I think it’s high time we have malls rated ‘G’ & ‘PG’/18+).

Walking on farther down, i decided to stop at the #SomoVision store, i know a really pretty lady working there, most times i had walked past i thought of getting an iron, a toaster and an electric kettle, but i never did, so i was thinking and calculating. Just early this morning there was electricity from 4am to 7am, it was so cold and i was thinking of having a hot steaming bathe, but at the same time i was enjoying the warmth of my bed and being under my duvet, hence the thought of getting up, putting on my robe and going downstairs to boil water in a kettle on the gas cooker wasn’t appealing, so i stayed on my bed dozing and thinking about the hot water until “PHCN happened”!!! (You know what that means). So i decided to put my window shopping mission aside and purchased an electric kettle and a steam iron too, because God knows i have some shirts in my closet i have not worn for months, simply because i am too lazy to go to the laundry room downstairs to iron them, but now i have no excuses, as i don’t need to leave my room before ironing my dresses or boiling some water.

Anyway, by now, my Genius friend was around, a real gentleman he is, he offered to carry my shopping bags for me, to which i happily obliged, we proceeded to #BurgerKingsSpurs just beside #KFC food mart, i wanted to have their yummy tall glass cup of choc-vanilla ice cream, we got in, got a table for two, we made our orders and a waiter brought it after what seemed like forever, but he apologized and we thanked him.

As always i was not disappointed, so with my tummy filled, it was time to go home, it was almost 7.30pm. I was going to take a bike straight home from the #LTV bus stop by the mall, i had a great day and nothing could ruin my already beautiful day except of course, “our security personnel in black”. The bike man i stopped said ma’am, please make it snappy, or i am going to get arrested, i told myself it’s not late; what’s with him. Well it dawned on me when we almost got to agidingbi, and i saw the men in black by their patrol van and oh my, they were beating a bike man because he refused to let go of his bike, he held it tight while they were dragging with him to seize it, and i heard the voice of a lady pleading with them to please stop!! My bike man then told me, that was the norm around since the police were told to stop mounting roadblocks, and that is what they (the bike-men) faced every day, and that man i saw them dragging with was going to pay nothing less than N5000.

My heart broke at that instant and i felt really bad, these things happen and we don’t even know how often it does and how bad the situation of our country #Nigeria is, and i tell you, until that moment when we have had enough, we won’t be better. Obviously that time isn’t here yet. *arms folded*

Please people your comments are welcomed and appreciated. One last question; when is enough going to be enough?

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  1. yes o, and we keep blaming the govt., well not that they aren't at fault too but the way we exploit each other in this naija is too much, look at that subsidy thing for instance, some pple had pure water that they bought before the increase but sold at N10 after the increase instead of the usual N5, even indomie that had stayed long on the shelf i bought N60 for small pack o.


  2. Poor bike man…God its so annoying, why is it that our roads and transportation have always been a way to exploit we citizens, Look at the rate at which the trans from one state to another goes higher every six months, lagos to ibadan was 600 from berger in november 2011 now its 1200..I'm speechless, everyone just finds a comvinient way to live by exploiting people…its a sorry case


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